Fortnite Chapter 2: New SMG leaked ahead of Season 2! – Release Date, Rarities and more!

A new SMG is rumoured to be coming to Fortnite – could we see more new weapons?

Dom-Needler by Dom Needler
fortnite new SMG

With Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 launching next week we are starting to see signs that the new season of Fortnite is on its way!

Most recently prolific Fortnite Leaker ShiinaBR revealed that there is not one BUT TWO new SMGs rumoured to be coming to Fortnite.

As ShiinaBR says this is most likely going to be coming out with the update for Season 2.

With a whole host of weapons and updates going to be announced throughout this week and next things are heating up in Fortnite!


Any Guesses at new map changes?

New fortnite map
BIG CHANGES – The bottom right of the map is most likely to be affected!

It is hard to say right now where the map changes could come. However, if we were to guess where we could see some possible changes, it would probably be somewhere in the bottom right of the map.

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This area is where the landmark location “Cape Cod” is located. A lot of speculation has been around the Visitor who infamously caused “The End” event is located here.

Perhaps we will see some sort of massive building or destruction of surrounding mountains?

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