Fortnite Annual Pass: Everything We Know About Epic's Secret Battle Pass!

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It has been over two months since Fortnite released its Chapter 2 Season 1 after the famous black hole event.

With the current season being extended an additional two months for unknown reasons, there have been on-going discussions whether or not Epic Games is changing it up in the new year.

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There have been heavy rumours of an "annual battle pass", where players would pay around $80 USD for one battle pass during the year and would receive an ample amount of rewards to go along with it.

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Although Epic Games has denied this rumour, there was been recent developments to think that it could happen after all!

What is it?

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As you could tell by the name, the rumoured annual battle pass is going to be a once a year purchase that grants players all the battle pass content throughout the year along with some other cheeky rewards.


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From exclusive cosmetics to other little rewards that were found within the data packs, this is a must-have purchase for all Fortnite fanatics.

We can assume it will act as a higher battle pass than the current ones for each season, perhaps they will add more skins each season for the annual battle pass along with the new season ones?


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Perhaps the most notable feature surrounding the rumoured annual battle pass is the rumoured high price point for it as well.


Since this battle pass will be good for the whole year, it comes to no surprise that it is on the pricy side.

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Rumoured in the below image that may or may not be fake, some people are reporting they are able to purchase it already.

The price tag that these people are reporting is 7800 Vbucks, this comes out to around $80 USD for a whole year worth of content!

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Release Date

There is no confirmed release date yet for the annual battle pass, we do not even know for sure if we are for sure going to get one.

As right when the rumours started to emerge, Epic Games stated that they were thinking about adding one but changed their mind but updated it this week past...Strange right.