Fortnite Cars Release Date CONFIRMED – Patch V13.40, Mudflap Leak, News and More

It has been a long time coming, but we are finally going to be able to drive around in game soon!

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Fortnite Cars

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally happening!

Yes, we are talking about cars coming to Fortnite.

Here’s all the news.


Release Date

In a tweet posted by Fortnite, they have confirmed that cars will be added to the game this Wednesday.

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This also confirms the release of patch V13.40; which will bring an ample amount of changes into the game.

As well, this update is being the Fortnite JoyRide update, so there are sure to be some interesting additions.

Cars 1
NICE – Cannot wait to drive around in these!


The above image is the one Fortnite themselves posted on social media, with the car being called ‘Whiplash’.

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It is unknown as of now what the other cars in Fortnite are going to be named at the moment.

But, we can assure you there are going to be some clever names for sure.


Mudflap is the name of the new truck coming to Fortnite in Patch v13.40!

fortnite mudflap new vehicle
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Above, you can see Fortnite’s post on twitter, showing off artwork for the new truck.

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This vehicle will be slower than the smaller cars, but it’ll have a lot more health allowing you to act as a tank for your team!


Patch V13.40

Since this also confirmed the release of patch V13.40, we can expect all cars to be finally added into the game.

Along with the addition of some other massive changes to the game.

As this might be the last update until Season 4!

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