Fortnite Black Widow Cup: Game Mode, Marvel Knockout, Prizes, Dates, and More!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is in full swing with about 3 weeks left before the season ends.

For the first time Fortnite has gone with a themed season, this one is Marvel.

Characters such as Thor, Iron Man, and Wolverine are available in the Battle Pass, while characters such as Blade and Daredevil have been released in the Item Shop.

What Is It?

The Marvel Knockout Super Series is a season long event that will see teams compete in the Marvel Knockout LTM in a tournament setting.

The top ranking teams in the tournament will win a Marvel skin for free, it will then release into the Item Shop at a later date.

So far we have seen Daredevil and Ghost Rider Cups, there will be 2 more before November 21st.

Players that qualify will be able to take part in a final $1 million tournament.

In a blog post revealing the new Super Series, Epic Games laid out what to expect over the coming weeks:

"Assemble your Super Hero team to compete in the Marvel Knockout Super Series — featuring four competitive cups centered around the Marvel Knockout game mode. These four cups will build up to a final, $1,000,000 tournament to conclude the Marvel Knockout Super Series happening on November 21. And as an added bonus, any player who participates in all four of the cups will receive the exclusive Nexus War Glider." 


The next cup will take on November 11th and will be a Duo tournament.

Teams of 2 will compete in the Marvel Knockout LTM format.

The format is a 8 team format, with each winning team advancing to the next round until a winner is declared.

Losing teams in a round will be sent back to the lobby to queue up again.

There is usually a 10 match limit, so players will want to advance as far as they can, and hopefully win, to maximise their points.

Black Widow

Epic Games have released a teaser image of the next character that will be unlockable in the Marvel Knockout Super Series.

fortnite marvel knockout super series black widow reveal
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A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS: It seems that Black Widow will be the next skin available in the Fortnite Marvel Knockout Super Series

The top 1000 teams from each region will receive the skin for free, it will then be added to the Item Shop to purchase with V-Bucks at a later date.

At first glance it appears to be Black Widow, there is a Black Widow movie in development, but its release has been delayed multiple times.

It seems like an obvious choice, except Black Widow already has a skin in the game.

fortnite black widow skin original
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A BLAST FROM THE PAST: Black Widow was released in Chapter 1 Season 8, all the way back in April 2019.

Looking at the 2 images there are many similarities that are visible.

The original Black Widow skin has 2 pistols in holsters on her legs, it appears this skin has the same weapons too.

It is possible it will be a second Black Widow skin, or perhaps an additional style that matches her movie appearance.

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That could mean that the top players will receive the skin too if they don't already own it.

Epic will then add it to the Item Shop a few days later.

Black Widow cost 1500 V-Bucks when she was in the Item Shop originally.

Epic released her back in Chapter 1 Season 8 during the second Marvel event that took place.

Twice in Chapter 1 there were Marvel themed LTMs, starting the long history of collaborations.

The first event allowed a player to transform into Thanos and try to eliminate the rest of the lobby.

The second event added Marvel themed weapons to the game in LTMs, which was a lot of fun.

Marvel Knockout LTM

The game mode you will be playing is going to be the trio variant of the Marvel Knockout LTM.

Here is quick refresher courtesy of Epic.

Marvel Knockout is a spin on Operation: Knockout that sees your team utilize super-powers to be the best team on the tournament bracket. Battle alongside your team against foes in a 4-round knockout fight! Each round your team will be given a different set of powers to battle opponents with mirrored abilities!

Super Series

Epic has also detailed more events coming soon, check them out below!

  • Mystery Marvel Hero/Villain Cup (Duos) - November 11
  • Mystery Marvel Hero/Villain Cup (Duos) - November 18
  • $1Million Super Cup (Duos) - November 21

Latest - Black Widow Cup Starts Today

The details are now out, and the latest information from Epic shows a new Duos event on the way!

You can compete to earn the skin and back bling, all before the items hit the shop.

The Cup is expected to start at 12:00PM ET in Europe, and can be accessed from the Compete Tab in the lobby.

Similarly, players can expect to compete in two more events,. both of which are on the 18 and 21 November respectively.

The Black Widow Cup is shaping up to be a great chance to compete for all involved, to find out more, head here!

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