Fortnite Birthday Event: What to Expect! - Start Date, Map Changes, Rewards, Challenges and More!

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Fortnite has been around for 3 years now, and its time to celebrate its birthday!

Epic has made the most of this time by constantly updating and improving Fortnite to make it the game it is today.


With the 3rd birthday, Epic has some awesome events, cosmetics and challenges planned for us.

Continue reading below for all the latest info!

Start Date

The Birthday event was assumed to be starting on 24th/ 25th July, however we haven't seen any specific updates on it as of yet.

fortnite aquaman 1229285 1

AQUAMAN - Unlock the new Aquaman skin in the Season 3 Battle Pass!

There are rumours that it may be cancelled, however, without any confirmation, this would just be speculation at this point.

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We'll keep you posted!


Map Changes

The community is expecting a few map changes with the birthday event.

Other than the flood at the start of Season 3 we've seen little change to the Fortnite map.

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More changes to the map would be welcome keeping the game feeling fresh and fun.

Challenges & Rewards

The best thing about the Birthday Event has to be the free rewards!

fortnite location

FORTILLA - Have you visited the new Fortilla POI in Season 3?

Every year, we get a Birthday cake back bling, and this year isn't changing!

We'll also be getting the new "Birthday Bash" challenges. These are very easy to complete and give you some great rewards like gliders, XP and more!

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The update will also bring new Item Shop cosmetics like the "Party Diva", but we'll have to wait for the event to start for the full list of new skins.