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Fortnite's Birthday Bash now LIVE: Cake, Challenges, Emotes, and everything you need to know

Celebrate in style with Fortnite's birthday bash, and get some awesome rewards too!

Here's everything you need to know about the event!

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Fortnite Birthday Bash

For those who were expecting a world ending event, think again!

Instead, we've got a ton of new challenges, loads of cake, and a bunch of free rewards for just showing up!

Birthday announcement
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PARTY UP IN HERE! Drop in for some free gifts!


You'll be able to take part in Birthday Challenges between September 26 and October 1. If you complete these you can unlock a Wrap, Spray, Emoji, and XP.

Here's what's going down!


It wouldn't be a party without cake, especially the kind that regenerates health, rather than puts you in to a food coma.

If you're looking to get a slice of the action, we've seen a recent post by FNLeaksAndInfo via ento - Fortnite leaks, which appears to show the locations of the cakes!

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Go on - enjoy!


Cosmetic Changes

There are some festive changes to the appearance of the island, alongside the Battle Bus too.


As usual, there are a ton of new challenges and various rewards to go with them.

We've compiled them below so you can see what you can get stuck into!

  • Play Matches (10)
  • Dance in front of different birthday cakes (10)
  • Outlast Opponents (500)
  • Play Matches (30)
  • Outlast Opponents (500)
  • Complete any four challenges

Creative Mode

If you thought the creatives would be missing out, think again!

There will be an all new pre-fab set which is pretty regal if you ask us.

14BR BirthdayBash Prefabs A Social
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JEEVES? Take your creations to a whole different level!

New Emote

A brand new emote named Party Favor is available just for logging in!

image 24
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DYNOMITE! The new emote has a pretty wholesome ending though!

Let's just say this is one candle you'll want to make sure you blow out first time around!

Will there be more challenges on the way?


We'll have to wait and see as to whether there will be any more challenges on the way for Fortnite's Birthday Bash.

Rest assured, we'll update you when they come!

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