Fortnite: Best Landing Spots for Chapter 2 Season 4 - Tips, Tricks and More!

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Players have now seen all the Marvel-themed content for the new season and it is some of Epics’ best work.

With an ample amount of locations on the map, it can be tricky to figure out where to land.


Here are some of the best landing spots!

Doom's Domain

The brand new POI which has replaced Pleasant Park, has set itself apart from other locations thus far.

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With a staggering 31 chests throughout the POI, and nine of them being located at Dr. Doom's mansion. This POI has all the loot you can dream of.

Not only does it have an ample amount of loot, it also grants players the chance to snag Dr. Dooms' mythic items!

Dooms Domain min 1

LOOT - So much up for grabs!


Misty Meadows

One of the untouched POIs since Chapter 2 releases is next up on our list.

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26 chests is the amount of loot you will be able to find at this POI, along with the ample amount of ground spawns!


Misty also has a wide array of mobility options; with cars and boats both spawning nearby!

Misty Meadows min

NICE - Who else lands here?


Frenzy Farm

Rounding off our list is another POI that has been unchanged since the release of Chapter 2.

Frezny min

LAST BUT NOT LEAST - Be sure to check this POI out!


Usually this POI is contested by one or two players, but there is enough loot to go around for all of you!

As well, it is one of the only POI's to be center of the map; so you are more than likely going to get first zone.

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