Fortnite: Best Keybinds for Chapter 2 Season 3 - Building, Editing, and More!

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With the release of the brand new season, players are trying to adapt to all the new terrain on the map.

Like any new season, this may be the first time you are checking out Fortnite; or are you making a return to the game.

Although building has been in the game since it released, players are always looking to adapt.

Here are some of the best keybinds for Chapter 2 Season 3!

Thumb Binds?

Almost all gaming mice nowadays come with two to three thumb binds, and these are considered some of the best options for Fortnite binds.

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Most professional players tend to have one or two of their building binds on their mouse, as it is easy to access then four keyboard binds.

Player's tend to have either their Wall or their Ramp on Mouse 4/5; so perhaps this is an avenue you can explore.

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Separate Keys

One aspect that a lot of Fortnite of players have tried to mimic, is having each of the four building keys on seperate fingers.

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This ensures you have a dedicated finger for each key, and so you do not end up clicking the wrong key.

Edit Key

Perhaps the most important key of them all is the Edit key, this will allow you to edit all the builds you place.

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You are going to be hitting this key a lot, especially if you play Arena or Zone Wars.

So, here are some of the most used Edit keys we have seen:

CH2S3 2
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  • E
  • F
  • G
  • V
  • C
  • Shift

Weapon and Pickaxe Keys

The standard one through six assembly of the keys is commonly used still; but player's do change their weapon keybinds often.

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We have seen a lot of players change their Pickaxe bind to another key, along with the slots they would house healing items.


This is all up to you after all, so pick whatever feels best for you!

Our Choice

Over here at these are the beinds we use!

Mouse Binds
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PERSONAL - Your binds are your choice!

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