11 Sep 2021 3:46 PM +00:00

Fortnite's Best Friendzy Event offers rewards for playing together

Fortnite is a game best played with friends and the Best Friendzy event is all about encouraging this but there isn't long left to play.

You can earn some amazing free rewards just for playing with friends over the next week if you're willing to carry them to some dubs.

This event was added as part of the 17.50 update. Four total rewards are on offer during the Best Friendzy event, here's how to make sure you don't miss out on them.

Best Friendzy Event Dates

The Best Friendzy event starts on Tuesday, 31 August and runs through to Sunday, 12 September. You can play as little or as often as you want during this time period. The event will end at 00:00 BST / 19:00 EST / 16:00 PST.


How to earn rewards during the Best Friendzy event

It really is as simple as playing Fortnite with your friends! To be exact, here's how you'll earn points and rewards by playing in the Best Friendzy event;

  • Every 10 Minutes Played Together in Battle Royale = 1 Point
  • Every 10 Minutes Played Together in Creative = 1 Point (maximum of 6 points per day)
  • Bonus: During your selected 60-minute Daily Bonus you will receive a 3X bonus for your time spent playing Fortnite (i.e., every 10 minutes played together = 3 points).

There are four rewards in total to be earned;

  • Outer Space Handshake Emoticon = 3 points
  • Invasion Remix Tack = 10 points
  • Life's a Beach Wrap = 20 points
  • Aquari-Ax Pickaxe = 50 points

It may take a couple of sessions to earn all of the rewards on offer. Playing three one-hour sessions during your daily 3X boost would give you just over the 50 points required to earn all rewards.

There is a short delay involved when earning these points. DO not expect them to update as soon as you finish a game. The delay is expected to be around 30 minutes for points to register.