Fortnite: Best Free Cosmetics! - Battle Pass, In-game Events, Save the World, Console Exclusives and More!

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Fortnite has a host of cosmetics for you to unlock through in-game events and the seasonal Battle Pass.

Unfortuneatly, there are a lot of cosmetics that are locked behind a paywall.

Here, we'll cover some of the best cosmetics you can unlock without needing to put extra money into the game.

Battle Pass

The main way to unlock awesome skins and cosmetics is through the in-game Battle Pass.

fortnite season 3 battle pass skin eternal knight 1
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ETERNAL KNIGHT - This seasons Battle Pass has one of the best Tier 100 skins!


This is a Seasonal Ladder in which you can unlock paid or free content and cosmetics.

If you choose not to purchase that season's Battle Pass, you'll still be able to unlock some awesome back bling and emotes along the way!

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You may also get your hands on some free V-Bucks, which you can spend in the store to unlock more skins.

Save the World

Save the World is Fortnite's "Horde Mode" rather than Battle Royale.

If you purchased the Save the World bundle, you would've got two free skins to use in Battle Royale.


This included a character, back bling and pickaxe. Save the World also makes obtaining V-Bucks much easier.

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Once you've invested in the Save the World version, you'll be able to get a host of free skins in the Battle Royale mode!

Console and Mobile Exclusives

Epic Games has made Fortnite a cross-platform, and (soon to be) a cross-gen title.

fortnite xbox one s free skin
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V-BUCKS - The in-game currency allows you to get some of the best cosmetics!


This means the game is available on almost every platform, including PC, Mac, console, mobile and More!

There are a bunch of skins you can get depending on the console you play on!

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Above, you can see the skin you get for purchasing and playing on the Xbox One S console!

In-game Events

Epic Games also hosts in-game events, where you can unlock customisation like gliders and back blings.

A great example of this is the Star Wars crossover. In this event, you could unlock free skins like the Millenium Falcon Glider.


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We hope Epic will include more events like the Star Wars event, where we can unlock more free and awesome cosmetics!

Twitch Prime

To get Twitch Prime, you'll need to have an Amazon account with Amazon Prime, linked with your Twitch Account.

fortnite twitch prime free skins
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PRIME - Twitch Prime also allows you to Subscribe to one of your favourite channels for free!


Above, you can see the first two Twitch Prime skins that released on Fortnite.

Every few months, Epic releases new Twitch Prime skins.

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If you already have Amazon Prime, it's definitely worth linking your accounts together to get some awesome free cosmetics!