Fortnite: Best Creative Maps To Play - June 2020

With the next Fornite season set to release in just a week's time, many players are hopping into Creative more than ever.

There are so many genres of Fortnite Creative maps, from Zone Wars to Prop Hunt's. There is something for everyone.

However, no matter the theme some maps are simply out of this world.

Here are the best ones for June 2020!

The Story of Oliver Whitlock

Having a horror map at the top of our list is not something many players would expect out of Fortnite.

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However, there have been some outstanding horror maps within the Creative realm and this story map is one of the best yet.

This is a map filled with surprises and overall solid storytelling on top of it! Check it out below.

Galaxy Towers Capture The Flag

  • Code: 8134-5542-2627

Next on our list is one of the first Capture The Flag maps we have ever talked about thus far.

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With an outstanding layout and atmosphere all around, this map is one of the best to play his classic game mode on.

Check it out below!


  • Code: 9675-0630-2061

Who would have thought that it would be possible to play this classic board game in Fortnite.

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This recreated version of the map has been tweaked a little to mimic some of Fortnite's nuances.

So what are you waiting for, gather some of your friends and jump into this awesome map!

Whack-a-Zombie: Arcade

  • Code: 0266-6811-8054

Rounding off our list for the month of June is this take on a classic arcade.

With a few mini-games scattered throughout the map, and a theme that will remind you of simpler times.

No better way to relax than to check out some arcade games.

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