Fortnite: Best Car and Vehicle Rotations! - Roads, Movement, POIs, Boats and More!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 brought some awesome changes to the map.

However, the flood that came at the start of the season has started to subside, meaning there are plenty more roads and paths for players to utilise.

This will come in handy when cars are introduced to the game, as they will become more and more valuable.

Here, we cover some of the best ways to utilise the vehicles moving in the second half of season 3 and moving into season 4.


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Cars are expected to be introduced into Fortnite very shortly.

Below, you can see the routes vehicles will be able to use. This was made by twitter user @flicky_tuber.

fortnite vehicle rotation map
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FLOOD - The flood is slowly dropping, revealing old parts of the map.

As you can see, cars will play a large part in getting around the map.

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Using the roads will be the easiest way to drive, but it is fairly predictable so taking an off-road route may be a better option.

Controls and Mechanics

In Chapter 1 Season 4, we got the introduction of Golf Buggies. We can expect the handling to be similar to these cars.

Mechanics like drifting and boost were added with the Golf buggies, and we hope the same will be done with the trucks and cars.

Whiplash and Mudflap


So far, Epic has tweeted about two available cars. These being the Whiplash and Mudflap.

fortnite mudflap new vehicle
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MUDFLAPS - This artwork was shown of on twitter this morning!


Whiplash is likely to be the fastest car in the game. This also means it won't have much health, so can be destroyed easily.

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On the other hand, Mudflap is the largest vehicle. This truck will have the most health but will have the worst handling and speed.


Boats have been around since the start of Chapter 2.

They can be used to get around the small rivers in the island, but are best used for rotating around the edge of the map.

As the Season 3 flood dies down, boats will become less prominent on the Fortnite map, and cars/trucks will be the main vehicle used.

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We recommend staying away from boats from now on, as the area they can be used in is decreasing and you are very exposed when driving one.



Choppas are a great way to get around the map with speed!

Choppa 1
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CHOPPA - Have you managed to take to the skies and utilise the Choppa?

However, if you get shot down in the Choppa you put yourself in a risky position as you can't deploy your glider.

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If you do need to use a Choppa, try and fly just above the rivers and lakes as this will give you a soft landing if you do get shot down.

Removed at Season 4?

There's a possibility Choppas will be removed at the start of Season 4.

If Cars and Trucks release at the start of Season 4, there will be quite a few vehicles in the game.


Epic may realise there are quite a few vehicles in the game and remove the one that is least utilised.

Cars Release Date

It's still unclear as to when cars will be releasing in Season 3.

Epic have released some new images of the vehicles we'll be able to drive, possibly hinting at a release very shortly.

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There is a chance cars won't release until season 4 as this is when the flood will be entirely gone, making the use of land vehicles very easy.

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