10 Aug 2021 3:48 PM +00:00

Where to find Batman and Superman NPCs in Fortnite

Epic are always adding new NPCs to Fortnite, although they're rarely famous characters like Batman or Superman.

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Various DC characters have made appearances in the game throughout Season 7 and they're supposed to be roaming the map now but a glitch has prevented this.

LATEST - Batman, Superman and Beast Boy are now enabled in-game!

You can now track down the Dark Knight, Man of Steel and.... The Boy who is a Beast? Despite earlier issues, all three are avaiable as NPCs in-game and can be talked to in order to get quests from.


Batman, Superman, Beast Boy are not spawning, hotfix required.

The quests surrounding Batman, Superman and Beast Boy can still be completed but they are not currently spawning in-game due to a glitch.


As @iFireMonkey states, you can complete the challenges via the phonebooth challenges until they are fixed.

Batman and Superman NPC Locations in Fortnite

While you can't find them quite yet, @Hypex on Twitter has revealed the locations of the Batman, Beast Boy, and Superman NPC on Fortnite's map. You can see where they are on the map in the tweet down below:


For a bit more detail, here's where you can find the characters:

  • Batman - In the dark area on the eastern side of Dirty Docks
  • Superman - At the north end of the farm that's north-east of Corny Complex
  • Beast Boy - By the river in Weeping Woods

Again, they're not live as of the afternoon of August 4, but they will be soon.

Superman/Clark Kent Challenges

Alongside making the DC characters NPCs that you can find around the map, a set of Superman based challenges are also being added to the game.

You can see them all below:

Once again, these haven't gone live in game yet. Phonebooths will likely have to be added back to the game for you to complete them all, and we haven't had news on that just yet.


The Ariana Grande led Rift Tour is the focus this week, with the live event taking place on August 6.

As soon as the DC NPCs are where you're supposed to find them and when the Superman challenges go live, we'll be sure to let you know.

With DC heroes roaming the island, Street Fighter characters being revealed, and Ariana Grande arriving as the next Icon skin, there's a lot going on in Fortnite this week when it comes to skins and events.