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Fortnite ATK Returning: Ballers, Hoverboard, Leaked Files, Lazy Links, Paradise Palms

Vehicles have been around for so long that they have become a standard part of Fortnite.

For a full Chapter now we have had access to various vehicles from Shopping Carts, to Ballers, to regular cars and Choppas.

Now it looks like an old fan favourite is returning.

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ATK Returning

The Golf Cart, or All Terrain Kart as its officially known as, was first introduced in Chapter 1 Season 5 with the addition of Lazy Links.

Lazy Links was a POI that was a golf course and country club, making the ATK a perfect vehicle for the location.

It allowed for four players to ride in it, with one driving and three passengers who could shoot at opponents.


Since Chapter 2 began the ATK has been vaulted, but it appears that it may be finally returning to the game.

Twitter user @FNBRUnreleased has posted a screenshot of an update for the textures in the in-game files, hinting of their return.

It is possible that they may just be returning as part of an LTM, so needed their textures updating to fit with the new engine and style.


We have seen weapons and items come back in an LTM but not in core game modes.

FNBRUnreleased also noted that the Ballers and Hover Board have been updated too, potentially indicating they will be making a return too.

With Chapter 2 Season 5 seeing many locations from Chapter 1 make a return as hybrid locations, such as Tilted Towers merging with Salty Springs and Greasy Grove merging with Logjam, it is possible that Chapter 1 vehicles could return too.


Lazy Links Returning

With the possibility of the ATK returning, the obvious next question is, is Lazy Links returning?

Lazy Links was removed from the game in Chapter 1 Season 8 and replaced by Lazy Lagoon when the volcano appeared and the north east part of the map was changed to a jungle biome.

If you overlay the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 map on top of each other, it shows that Lazy Links originally was situated just north east of where Pleasant Park is in Chapter 2, and there is nothing obstructing it, except it wouldn't have room for the golf course.

Other POIs Could Return

Tomato Temple would be found between Frenzy Farm, if it was still in the game, and the Orchard.

In Chapter 2 Season 5 Pizza Pit made a return in that very location.

Fortnite Chapter 1 and 2 map overlayed
click to enlarge
FUTURE: Overlaying the two maps together show what could come to the game in the future.

It also does show at what possibilities we could expect in the future, could Salty Springs move to its original location, which is where Hunter's Haven is now, and allow Tilted Towers to return in its full form?

Its also interesting to see that the current snow biome, along with Catty Corner, is where Paradise Palms used to be, so the game went from a desert to snow biome in the same location.

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