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Fortnite Astronaut Challenges: How To Launch The Ancient Ship, Where, Missing Parts, and More!

The next patch in Season 3 should be released within the next couple of days.

With the water levels dropping every week, we are getting to explore new locations all the time.

One of these new locations is home to a secret set of challenges that Epic has added!

Here they are.

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Where Do I Find Them?

Unlike other weekly challenges, you will not be able to find these on the in-game menu.

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Instead you are going to need to head to the crash landing ship that is now vistable on the map, since the water levels have decreased.

This is located towards the northern side of the map, and can be found just east of the Craggy Cliffs.

Crash Site 1
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CRASHED - Poor Astronaut!


Once you are able to find the crashed Astronaut Ship, you are just going to want to head over to it; this will also activate the challenges.

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These are the challenges you are going to gain access too:

  • Found Ancient Ship (1)
  • Collect Missing Parts (3)
  • Install Missing Parts (3)
  • Start Launch Sequence (1)
  • Launch the Ship (1)
  • Launch Successful (1)

The most challenging ones is finding the missing parts which include:

  • Thruster
  • Battery Pack
  • Heat Shield

Where Are They?

These are quite easy to find as well. The Thruster can be found shining on the cliff south of the crash site.

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The Battery Pack is just off the coast of the crash site, in the water by some rocks.

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SEASON END - Its almost time for a new season!

Finally, the Heat Shield is hidden behind some works on the same island; and can also be heard in the distance.

Once you are able to find all of these parts, go ahead and install them onto the ship!

Launching The Ship


Once you have installed all the missing parts, go ahead and boot up the launch sequence.

Now, you can watch this cool easter egg hidden by Epic sail off in the distance!

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