Fortnite x League of Legends announcement due soon!

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The good news keeps on coming for Fortnite fans as another major collaboration has been uncovered, this time it's with the worldwide phenomenon League of Legends.

While not officially confirmed by either party just yet, it's believed that a new character is coming to Fortnite from the LoL roster of Champions and she may not be coming alone.

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Here's everything we know so far and what to expect going forward.

LATEST - Announcement Due Today

We're expecting official confirmation of the Jinx skin on Thursday, 4 November. This will grab peak attention thanks to the LoL Worlds Finals and debut of Arcane on Netflix.


We're hoping to learn her release date, price and what exactly will come in her bundle. She is set to be released on Friday, 5 November.


Teases have also arrived in the form of Fortnite changing their profile picture and banner on Twitter.

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Fortnite x League of Legends is happening!

As revealed by multiple sources over the last day, League of Legends champion Jinx is coming for Fortnite THIS WEEK. Some mock-ups have appeared of how she may look in-game if she fits the overall style perfectly!


With such a huge and established roster to work with, could there be more new characters coming soon? We'd love to see other quirky champions make the jump like Caitlyn, Gangplank or Miss Fortune.

Why is the collaboration happening?

With League of Legends having been such a huge game for so long now, why is now the perfect time for this collab to happen? Well, according to @ShiinaBR who originated the leak, the skin is coming to Fortnite as a celebration of Riot Games' new show "Arcane".


The Netflix show will explore the balance between the rich and poor within the city of Piltover. Champions like Jinx, Caitlyn, Vi and Jayce will feature. It's believed that there will be three weekly episodes starting on Saturday, 6 November.

Riot are keen on taking their League of Legends property to new spaces moving forward. We can expect to see more crossovers and unique projects like this pop up over the coming years. It's great to see after years of the League of Legends community believing that the game could do so much more to expand its horizons.