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24 Dec 2019

Fortnite: Winterfest 2019 Rewards - Star Wars and Christmas themes, skins, presents & more

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Snowshaker Emote

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Treefall Glider

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The best Fortnite patch for the current season has just been released.

Epic Games' Patch V11.30 was the largest patch to drop since Chapter 2 Season 1 initially launched over two months ago, this new patch brings an ample amount of new and unique items along with some old favorites.

One of the best additions to Winterfest 2019 is the new Fortnite Lodge players can access.

Inside this lodge, players are greeted by the lovely Fortnite skin Crackshot and a whole lot of presents.

Each day players can unwrap one present which can be anywhere from a glider to a new skin!

We'll take you through all the rewards, but remember, each present may vary for you. Let's get unwrapping.

Snowshaker Emote

Maybe one of the least sought out after rewards from the entire Winterfest presents, it is a great emote but not what players want perhaps.

Treefall Glider

A nice holiday-themed glider that will for sure shine in your eyes as you are gliding off of the battle bus.

Peppermint Pickaxe

One of the most desirable items from under the Chrismas tree, everyone loves a good Christmas themed pickaxe and this is one of the best ones yet.

Gingerbread Dual Pickaxes

Another pickaxe for players to add in their inventory, this time around it is some gingerbread axes. Assuming these will go perfectly with gingerbread skins that should be returning to the item shop very soon!

Millennium Falcon

One of the two Star Wars rewards in Winterfest 2019, this one is based off the iconic ship from the original movies and it is very noticeable when you enter the lodge.

New Year 2020 Wrap

What better way to start the New Year than a fresh new wrap for your weapons.

The Sith

The other Star Wars-themed item that will be in the Winterfest rewards, this time it is just a mere back bling for players to use.

Merry Chipmas Music

A nice mellow tone you can chill out too while waiting in the Fortnite menu.

Holly and Divey Contrail

The first contrail that can change colors and variants, and it is one of the best Chrismas ones we have seen yet!


There are also two free skins that are the last rewards you can get during the Winterfest rewards list. This is the first time Fortnite has given out two skins for any holiday event and it is very cool that they are giving back this holiday season.