Fortnite All Leaked Cosmetics Found in Patch V14.20 - New Skins, Emotes and More!

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The second patch of Season 4 has finally arrived across all platforms.

Wolverine is the theme for this update, as he found himself on the Fortnite map.

As always, there is an ample amount of leaks pilling in.

Table of Contents

Here's all the leaked skins!



This is the first update in quite some time where we have had skin leaks.

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HYPEX noted there was four skin leaks and they have the following names:

  • Hyacinth
  • Morro
  • Victoria Saint
  • Sagan
Skins 1 1
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NEW NEW - Which one is the best?


New Variants

Some existing skins are getting new colorways this patch as well.

FunGamesLeaks posted an image of the skins that have new variants!

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More Leaks

HYPEX posted another image detailing all the other cosmetic items leaked this update.

Check them out below!

Skins 21 1
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NICE - We love Rocket League!

Which skins are you looking forward to this most?

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