Fortnite: All Leaked Cosmetics Found in Patch V13.40 – Release Dates, Styles, Shadow Bundle, and More!

A new patch means a new bundle of leaked skins coming to the item shop soon! What’s in store for us?

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Leaked Skins 1340

Cars have finally been added into Fortnite, with the release of Patch V13.40 today!

This might be the last patch of the current season, so Epic jammed this one full of content and other surprises.

As any patch, data miners were hard at work; taking a look at all the file packs and discovering those upcoming cosmetic items!

Here’s all they found.


Leaked Skins

There was an ample amount of skins found within the files this time around, and thankfully we can view them all below.

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Thanks to leaker HYPEX we are able to get a better look at all the skins!

Caveman Jonsey
LS4 1
LS5 1
LS6 1
Samuri 1
1340 Skins 1


Not only did we get news on skins coming to the shop soon, we also got some images of all the pickaxes!

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HYPEX posted this handy image of all the pickaxes and other cosmetic items that got leaked!

1340 Pickaxes and gldiers 1

Skin Packs

There were two skin packs also data mined, that should be coming to the item shop soon!

Credit goes to iFireMonkey for these!

Skin Pack 1
Shadow Pack 1

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