Fortnite: All Leaked Cosmetics Found in Patch V13.30 – Release Dates, Styles, Summer Bundle, and More!

A new patch means a new bundle of leaked skins coming to the item shop soon! What’s in store for us?

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Leaked Skins 1330

The second update of Chapter 2 Season 3 released earlier today, and it was jammed full of content.

With an all new POI coming soon, there might even be a new Mythic item.

As any patch, there is also an ample amount of leaks from Fortnite data miners, including skin leaks.

Here are all the new ones!


Summer Pack

Fortnite leaker FNBRHQ was able to find most of the leaked cosmetics within the files.

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One of the more notable leaks is what appears to be a brand new cosmetic bundle; that will be avaiable soon.

Summer Pack
SUMMER – Keeping with the Summer theme!

Price and release date of this new Summer pack is unknown as of now, but we are sure it will release soon!

Leaked Skins

FNBRHQ was able to post all of the remaining leaked skins found within this patch; check them out below!

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LS 1
LS 4
LS 2
LS 3

Along with the above four skins, there are also some other cosmetics that got leaked.

These can be viewed on this cumulative leaks image by iFireMonkey!

All leaked cosmetics
SWEET – Nice Skins!


Once again FNBRHQ was able to find more cosmetic items, here are all the leaked pickaxes.

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Pickaxe 1
Pickaxe 2
Pickaxe 3
Pickaxe 4



Last but no least, here are all the upcoming weapon wraps found in the files by FNBRHQ!

Yellow Wrap
Galaxy Wrap

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