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Fortnite: All Leaked Cosmetics added in Patch v10.10

Photo via Epic Games

Recently Epic Games released their v10.10 patch, which included the reintroduction of Retail Row, but this time there is eight fiend spawns across the location that players will need to defend themselves from. 

Epic Games also implemented some minor changes for the B.R.U.T.E as well as some much-needed bug fixes as they typically do. 

With the recent Fortnite World Cup, many are engaging with this new season of action and have been very vocal about their thoughts on it. Most are looking forward to the Fortnite Championship Series as the next major step for Fortnite esports.

With any Fortnite patch, there are always new game files added into the field which often reveal game-breaking additions that Epic are planning on releasing. 

One of the focal points of Fortnite is the daily rotating shop, which features some of the coolest and unique cosmetics in all video games. 

This time around, data miners have managed to leak numerous cosmetics headed towards the shop sometime in the near future. From skins and matching back blings to pickaxes, here are all the leaked cosmetics found in patch v10.10.

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New Styles of Existing Skins!

Along with all the leaked skins that we will detail down below, Epic Games also added different styles to three existing skins that players will be able to access if already owned. 

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Epic also noted with an in-game message that if a player does not like the new toy solider colouring, they can get a free refund by submitting a ticket!



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Next are toy soldier variations, as you can see Epic added more muddy texture to each of these skins.

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Plastic Patroller

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Toy Trooper

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Leaked Cosmetics!

Now, we move onto the new skins, back blings and pickaxes added during patch v10.10. All are unique and some are among the coolest we've seen in Fortnite. The rarity and styles of the cosmetics were also leaked so we have an idea of how much they'll cost once they shit the Fortnite store. 


Oppressor (Legendary) - 2000 Vbucks

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Freestyle (Epic) - 1500 Vbucks

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Fennix (Rare) - 1200 Vbucks

Shifu (Rare) - 1200 Vbucks


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Recon Ranger (Uncommon) - 800 Vbucks

Which one is your favoruite leaked skin? The Recon Ranger is our skin of choice for this patch, it offers a cool blend of colours along with being the cheapest skin out of the bunch! Now, we move onto the leaked back blings and pickaxes and some of these are bundled with the above skins. 

Banner Shield (Rare) 

Kunai Shield (Rare) 

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Foxpack (Rare)

Blackbeat (Epic)


Wisdom's Edge (Uncommon) 

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Spike Clone (Uncommon) 

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Exo-Spine (Legendary)

Plasmatic Edge (Rare) 


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Leaked Starter Pack!

Another cosmetic item that data miners managed to discover was Season X's starter pack. Fortnite has a tradition every season where they put a starter pack into the item shop for around a week, this pack often includes; a cosmetic, a back bling, a camo and a weapon wrap.

This season's starter pack can be seen down below! Expect to see this in the shop very soon. 

Red Strike Starter Pack

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The pack includes:

  • Red Strike outfit/skin
  • Bladed Bag Back Bling
  • 600 V-Bucks

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What do you think of all the leaked cosmetics coming to Fortnite soon? Comment below!

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