Fortnite: All Details on Cloakzy leaving FaZe Clan

The competitive Fortnite player has been pursuing his freedom from the organization since January this year.

Photo via FaZe Clan

Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore has risen to become one of the world’s most popular and prolific streamers and competitive Fortnite players. Whenever Cloakzy turns on his stream on Twitch you can expect to see around 8-10,000 congruent viewers each and every time. This is thanks to winning multiple Fortnite Fridays to being on top of the competitive Fortnite world with his victory at the Fall Skirmish Finals, netting him and his duo partner Turner “Tfue” Tenney around $500,000. 

In early May, Tfue filled an official lawsuit against FaZe Clan on the grounds of acting as a talent agency in the state of California as well as an illegal contract. This news broke the gaming world with nearly every publication having some feature on it and multiple streamers giving their say on the matter. A point of discussion that was frequently brought up was if Cloakzy was involved in this lawsuit and whether he was on the same “gamer agreement” as Tfue. 

The official FaZe Clan update Twitter account where the organization tweets their news and match updates rather than using their official account. The tweet described the notion that FaZe Clan was negotiating with Cloazky to part ways mutually and that they are open to other organizations to pursue his services via a transfer. 

Cloakzy was quick to act, less than an hour after this tweet was live he booted up his stream and spoke his mind on the issues. Cloakzy noted that he has no intentions of joining another organization and that the part was entirely untrue.

“You guys saw the contract – you can see for yourself,” he said. “FaZe is a great org and Banks is a great person.

“They released a statement saying they’re working to sell me which is completely false.”

Cloakzy went on answering the natural questions if it was because Tfue was also leaving, and he continued to reinsure the fact that this was in the works for months and just wants to concentrate on himself. 

"I don’t want to be transferred – I don’t know why that was thrown in there. I could have gone the whole public route but I didn’t want to.

“I don’t plan to join another org – I just want to focus on myself.”

After Cloakzy concluded his stream he took to Twitter to reply to the official FaZe Clan update Twitter account and made his own tweet saying he will be live tomorrow for an unfiltered stream so all the information finally gets out. 

June 23rd Update: 

Much to Cloakzy's request, FaZe Clan have listed him as a Restricted Free Agent allowing him to represent himself without also representing FaZe Clan. However, FaZe still owns Cloak's rights as a player and should Cloak seek to join another organization in the future they would have to pay his buyout to FaZe Clan. 

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