An Alien Welcome Party Live Event Could Be Happening in Fortnite Soon

Strangely, there was no live event to end Season 6 or to begin Season 7 of Fortnite. Why, we're not sure, but there's a chance that one slightly different is coming along the line.

As the ever reliable and master of all things Fortnite @Hypex pointed out on Twitter, you'll spot posters all over Believer Beach, the new POI on the game's map.

Event Posters

As you can see, the posters are promoting an alien welcome party that is "coming soon."

While there was some kind of party shown off in the pre-Season 7 story trailer, it doesn't make sense for Epic Games to include "coming soon" on the posters if it's happened before anyone has had the chance to play.

Season 7 Party Event

We expect it to be in reference to an upcoming live event of some kind, which will welcome the aliens to the island with a party.

It is unlikely to be a standard event, where you play a series of cool cutscenes as something happens in the Fortnite world above you.

We'd put our money on it being a more concert live event, as we've seen before in the battle royale.

Maybe something that sees a DJ lead a party, rather than a Travis Scott style concert would be best, getting everyone in the party mood.

I can just imagine hundreds of players crowded around Believer Beach as UFOs fly around overhead amongst a barrage of lasers.

I've got to note too, that I love the suggestion from @SOTGFortnite on Twitter that Believer Beach is a reference to Justin Bieber, and that the welcome party could be led by the massively popular performer. That would be cool, at least!

As of right now, however, we have nothing other than this poster to go off.

Knowing Epic Games, though, this won't just be a cute bit of past storytelling. This will be in the game at the start of Season 7 for a reason and we'll likely get more teases in the coming days and weeks.

Fingers crossed for an epic party of some kind to welcome the aliens to the island and make up for the lack of a Season 7 event.

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