08 Sep 2021 1:42 PM +00:00

Have Fortnite pulled the plug on Alien Artifacts?

It's been a weekly tradition of ours to bring you the Alien Artifacts locations for Fortnite Season 7. It was surprising when Week 11 arrived and no locations surfaced.

The Alien Artifacts don't usually go live until Thursday each week, but the only info to surface regarding them isn't positive. As expected, there are also no Alien Artifacts for Week 14, meaning they really might be gone for good.

What happened to Alien Artifacts in Fortnite?

We usually receive the locations of the weekly Alien Artifacts from leakers who manage to find and access all of the weekly quests before they're even live. This week arrived and while the quests are easy to find, the Alien Artifacts were missing.


Then came the above tweet from @XTigerHyperX who stated that no Alien Artifacts are being added after Week 10. The weekly hunt for all of the locations was something that players had come to enjoy and the ability to upgrade the Kymera skin using Alien Artifacts was well worth striving to complete.

Are Alien Artifacts coming back?

It appears that Alien Artifacts may be gone for good in Season 7 based on the information coming from leakers. This is strange as even if you have collected all of the Alien Artifacts to date, as well as your weekly limit from Cosmic Chests, you still wouldn't have enough to unlock all of the Kymera features.


Cosmic Chests are still in-game so you can unlock the final few Kymera pieces this way, but Alien Artifacts will no longer spawn on the map each week, which hurts Solo players more than anything Cosmic Chests can only be opened in squad-based game modes.

As fun as it has been to track down the Alien Artifacts each week, they wouldn't serve much purpose past the end of Season 7 which is coming to an end very soon.