5 things we want to see in Fortnite Season 6

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has been a crazy season, with Agent Jonesy crossing dimensions to bring Hunters to the game.

They have included characters from the likes of God of War, Halo, The Walking Dead, Street Fighter amongst others.

Before it ends, we will get the Zero Crisis Finale event which will conclude the season and bring us into Season 6.

Here is what we want to see next season.

More Mobility

Fortnite has always had excellent mobility options, from Launch Pads to glider redeploy.

fortnite launch pads
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When Chapter 2 began, most of those were taken away and most have never returned, or at least not in the long term.

The Chapter 2 map is considerably larger than the Chapter 1 map, which makes mobility more important than ever.

However, most mobility was taken away to encourage players to utilise swimming and vehicles such as boats and cars.

The problem is, water is only in certain parts of the map and cars are extremely loud and make you a massive target for players.

It would be great to see more mobility items return, such as Launch Pads, Crash Pads, and Glider Redeploy.

Less Collaborations

Chapter 2 Season 4 and 5 were both very collaborative heavy.

Season 4 was entirely Marvel themed, with the Battle Pass being Marvel-themed as well as many Marvel skins being added to the Item Shop.

Fortnite Season 4 Marvel Key Art
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Season 5 was all about Hunters, just another justification for collabs.

Agent Jonesy brought characters from many other franchises to the game.

Season 6 will hopefully scale them back a bit, but we do know Batman will be coming to the game, but it seems collabs could be scaled back.

New POIs

The Chapter 2 map hasn’t changed much since it was released back in October 2019

There has been a few recent additions such as Stealthy Stronghold and some Chapter 1 landmarks returning, as well as temporary changes such as Doom’s Domain.

Fortnite Season 5 Salty Towers
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But nothing has truly changed the map in long term manner, such as Tilted Towers being added to the original map in Season 2, or the snow biome appearing in Season 7.

With the map around 18 months old, it is about time that the map was altered on a map drastic basis to stop it from becoming so stale.

Loadout Presets

Most players put their weapons in the same slots every game.

When playing Fortnite my loadout is Assault Rifle, Shotgun, SMG/Rocket Launcher, Sniper, Healing Items and this is the case for 99% of my matches.

Most other players use the exact same loadout layout so it would make sense for Epic Games to add a feature that allows weapon types to automatically place in the slot you use them in.

Increased Player Count


Fortnite has always had 100 players in its lobbies.

The problem is, once the second circle closes in a typical match, a large portion of the players have already been eliminated, meaning a lot of walking around looking for a fight every five minutes.

Call of Duty Warzone
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Other games such as Call of Duty: Warzone have larger player counts, such as 150.

This drastically increases the number of engagements players face, which provides more fun.

Warzone also has a gulag system that allows eliminated players to return to the game.

Something similar could be implemented in Fortnite too to give a much more action-packed game.

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