LATEST Fortnite 19.10 Update COUNTDOWN: Servers live again, patch notes, & return of Titled Towers

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Fortnite's Winterfest Event is a thing of the past, with 19.10 the next exciting update for the game. It is the first update of Chapter 3, so it should be pretty exciting. Below, we have everything you need to know about Fortnite's 19.10 update now that it is live.

Latest - Servers are back!

Following the 90 minutes of downtime, the Fortnite servers are back up and you can jump into the new content and check out Tilted Towers.


Titled Towers Returns With 19.10

Epic has now confirmed what we all expected, Titled Towers will be returning to the Fortnite map when the 19.10 update drops.

We've been waiting for the snow to melt for a while now, and it'll finally subside on January 18.


Below is the first look at the new location, thanks to a lobby background.

fortnite 19.10

More NPCs Coming?

It's highly likely that two more NPCs will be added to the game in Fortnite Update 19.10. Both Haven and Ragsy are set to enter the game soon and the items that they sell are detailed below.


What are we expecting in this update?

In terms of actual content, we were expecting two major collaborations to hit Fortnite during this update - The Matrix and The Book of Boba Fett. Unfortunately, both of these landed during the 19.01 update prior to Christmas.

We find ourselves in a very rare situation where very little is known or has been leaked about the brand new content. This does, however, leave us feeling very excited for what will be revealed when everything is live.


As always, there's also going to be a series of balancing changes and gameplay tweaks - so if there's a bug you have on your radar, it might be fixed by tomorrow lunchtime! Keep an eye on Fortnite for the latest...