Fortnite 18.40: Update adds new Cube Pyramid POI to Fortnite Island

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Fortnite's 18.40 Update is here and it's the last major update of this season - that means there's going to be some big things on the way. Whether we're getting Chapter 2 Season 9, or Chapter 3 Season 1, there's something that's confusing a lot of fans in the game's files. Data miners have uncovered a new Cube Pyramid POI built up around Cube Town - here's what we know about it.

CUBE PYRAMID - Cube Town is still there for now?

Following the latest title update, it looks like a pyramid-like structure has started to be built around Cube Town. Hypex shared the image below from a data miner and it looks like Cube Town is going to be intact for a while - however, could we see it slowly enveloped by this strange Gold-tipped cube Pyramid POI?


It looks like this might be the "Convergence" that everyone has been talking about and this Cube Pyramid POI could continue to be filled out throughout the remainder of Chapter 2 Season 8.

If you're wondering what it looks like from above... There's also a leaked section of the updated minimap below:


At the moment, we don't know if Chapter 3 Season 1 is starting in December - or whether there's one more season of Chapter 2 left. Epic Games has recently updated the in-game text of "NightNight" files - which relate to an extended server downtime akin to the Black Hole event that lead into Chapter 2.

With this in mind, it looks like we could be starting the end of Chapter 2 in the face. If not? Well... It looks like we're in for a thrilling run into the end of the season with this Cube Pyramid POI growing and the Cube Queen planning something unusual. Is this going to be the last reality?