Everything we know about Fortnite's 17.30 update patch notes so far

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Fortnite's 17.30 update is live and we're starting to uncover all the changes that Epic Games has made in this week's big update. We don't usually see anything that resembles an "official" patch notes from Epic Games, but data miners and leakers are here to share all the changes while the servers are down. Here's the latest...

UPDATED - Official Patch Notes now available

Downtime is over, servers are live and the official patch notes for Update 17.30 are live. You can check them out below for more details on what's been changed across all major game modes.

Every change we know about so far

In an effort to keep things brief, we're going to bullet-point a few changes that have been uncovered during the update's downtime.

Ariana Grande "Rift Tour" Concert

  • Fortnite now uses a new Ariana Grande Loading Screen when starting up;
  • PlayStation Menu states it will be around 15 minutes long in total;

New Cosmetics & Variants

  • Human Bill, Bloodsport, Party Trooper (Neon) and Rebirth Harley Quinn (Picky Sicky) have all been added alongside countless other cosmetics;
  • New Star-Lord Bundle has been uncovered in the game's files, too;
  • Skin Challenges relating to Superman have been discovered;

New Weapon & Equipment

  • GRAB-ITRON weapon now available in-game;
  • Burst Pulse Rifle, Creative Sword, and Prop-ifier added to Fortnite Creative Mode;
  • Chapter 1's "Medic Pack" has been updated in the game's files, suggesting it will be added at some point in the future;

New LTM Details

  • Super Knockback LTM
    • Jump around without fall damage, Emote to heal, and "find special surprises in Supply Drops";
  • Team Brawl LTM
    • Elimination-based, random loadout with each respawn, Chug Splash dropped on death;
  • Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir) has been updated in-game, suggesting an LTM could feature it in the future;

Upcoming NPC Details

  • Armored Batman, Beast Boy, and "Cashier" and "Polygon" have been added as NPCs to the game's files;

POI Location Changes

  • Slurpy Swamp is now Abducted Slurpy and will feature a "No Gravity Zone" in-game;

Fortnite 17.30 Release Time

Fortnite update 17.30 will go live on Tuesday, August 3rd.

Fortnite season 17 splash
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OUT OF THIS WORLD: Fortnite is going intergalactic with Season 17

Fortnite servers will go down at 1:30 am EST, and likely return at roughly 4 am EST with the new 17.30 update.

This downtime may be extended pending any technical issues along the way.


Download Size

Fortnite updates are typically quite small, but varies depending on your platform of choice.

We'll update this with the Fortnite 17.30 download size as soon as it's revealed, but expect it to land at around 3-5 GB.