Fortnite 12.20 Patch Notes - New Update, Helicopters, Bug Fixes and MORE!

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Fortnite v12.20 update is here for Epic Games' battle royale! The patch is available to download on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, IOS and Android now!

The new update implements a brand new vehicle that we cannot wait to check out, along with some key bug fixes ahead of this week's FNCS!




GET TO THE CHOPPA - The last flying vehicle we had was planes in Season 7!

Introduced in this patch is Fortnite's latest vehicle, it has been quite some time since we had the addition of a new vehicle, being the boats at the beginning of the new chapter. The helicopters were leaked in the game files over two weeks ago from the last Fortnite update, and have now been unveiled as the Choppa.

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The Choppa is what you might expect out of a helicopter, it can carry your whole team in it, allowing for easy rotates across the map. As well, the main flyer in the Choppa can shoot rockets down at your enemies below! We will have to wait and see if this is overpowered or not.

The Choppa is only useable in public matches and not competitive playlists!


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New LTM's - Spy Games, Box Fights!

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WINNER TAKES ALL - The new Spy Games LTM is one of a kind!

Epic Games have never afraid to mix things up with their ever-evolving LTM game modes; these are constantly changing so we usually get a new one every few days or so.

The lastest one to be added into the game files and one we should be able to play soon is The Spy Games. The new LTM will pit players against each other as either Team Ghost or Shadow, then players can buy perks or other items to gain an upper hand on their opponents. This appears to be a very promising LTM that we are looking forward to testing out!

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Another LTM that has been reported to be coming soon, was reported by Fortnite data miner HYPEX. A new Box Fight LTM is coming soon the leaker claims; this is one that competitive players are for sure going to love!

General Bug Fixes

St Pats 1

C4? Epic Games opted to keep C4 in the game!

Many players, especially professional players have been growing increasingly tired of C4 and other cheeky items in the game. To their disappointment, Epic Games has opted to not remove this item ahead of this weekend's event. But, have made some significant bug fixes that should help the overall quality of Fortnite!

Check out the full list of bug fixes below courtesy of Dexerto!

  • Auto-Sprint not resuming once stopped.
  • Locker is missing the vault banner.
  • Low detail on buildings and structures in Fortnite.
  • Player markers not working as they should (placed too far away).
  • Players getting stuck inside Fortnite's Porta Pottys.
  • Players unable to use the navigation buttons at the end of a match, such as returning to lobby, reporting players, or going to the Item Shop.
  • Unable to place traps when the icon hasn't loaded up.
  • C4 explosive delay has been moved from 0.3 seconds to 0.5

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