Data Miners leak Fortnite Block for May 30

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Photo Credit: L2PBomb

Every Thursday Fortnite updates their fan-created POI on the northern part of their map with a new iteration created by avid creators. 

Data Miners have revealed this weeks version of the block titled "Salty Scorpion", which features a full metal scorpion surrounded by helicopters attacking a building with other structures around it. The creation also features a llama on the center console of the scorpion but it is not clear if Fortnite will keep this feature once it releases into the game on Thursday.

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Turner 'Tfue" Tenney showed off this block during his Monday night stream, noting his cluttered and chaotic it will be to fight in and how he misses old versions of the Block. The Block this time around was created by FiveWalnut8586 who will have his name as a POI on Fortnite's map for the duration of his Block. 

You can hop into this Block and check it out before its release, by launching Fortnite's creative mode and loading up code: 9555-0292-3769