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Ceice: "They were hands down the most nerve-racking moments of my Fortnite career"

Photo Credit: WSOE 

100 Thieves' pro player Davis "Ceice" McClellan has recently qualified for the Fortnite World Cup in solos to be held in NYC, New York this July alongside other top pros such as Team Liquid's Noah "Vivid" Wright and TSM's Josh "Commandment" Roach. While he is qualified in solos, Ceice along with other players will be looking to the duos tournament whose qualifiers are still ongoing. 

myst: First off, congrats on being one of the first people to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. Now that a few days have gone by, how does it feel to already be qualified? 

Ceice: It feels amazing! I am still shocked that I qualified in the first week. Definitely a stress reliever for the next four weeks of solos and to be able to just focus on duos.

myst: Towards the end of the qualifiers, there were multiple players tied at 60 points, what were the final moments like for you waiting for the standings to be solidified?

Ceice: They were hands down the most nerve-racking moments of my Fortnite career, we were constantly refreshing our game and watching replay files. I managed to get into the last game of the tournament and there two other players who ended up getting 60 points in that same game.

myst: You have been on 100 Thieves for around two months now, how has the organization been so far and what does it mean to you to represent their loyal fan base?


Ceice: 100 Thieves have been a dream come true, couldn’t have asked for a better place to be. We are all family here and the 100T fans are like no other, so cool to have such a broad fan base across the world.

myst: Fortnite’s current meta is one is definitely up for debate, with a lot of pro players being very vocal about it, how do you feel the current meta is and what do you think should be removed/fixed? Photo Credit: 100 Thieves Ceice: The current meta is not too bad, I think the recent ball nerf did it justice enough to where it's somewhat balanced. I think if they can get some of the more important bug fixes out of the way, like that cannon sideways launch bug and stuff like that the game would be in a much better state.

myst: Regarding the qualification process, do you think the point system should be skewed differently?

Ceice: I think the point system is okay but could use some changes. Placement points should definitely be increased but overall it’s a pretty decent system.

myst: At the end of this interview, I would like to say thank you for partaking in this and do you have anything to say to your fans out there?

Ceice: I hope I can make you all proud in the world cup, I am going to be practicing my hardest over these next 10 weeks and looking forward to dominating in the world cup.

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