Can You Play Fortnite On The Switch Lite? How To, Download Guide and More!

We are now in the tail end of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, which means we are slowly coming upon a new season!

Fortnite has quickly expanded into one of the most popular games across the world, it is playable on every platform essentially.

With the release of Nintendo's newest portable console, can players take Fortnite on the go with them?

Let's take a look!

Can I?

Yes! If you own a Nintendo Switch Lite you are able to get access to Fortnite through the Nintendo Eshop.

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Although the Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable console and you cannot dock it into a TV as you would a regular Switch.

Switch Lite
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This does not mean you cannot enjoy all the games that regular Switch players have access too!

How Do I Download?

Downloading Fortnite onto the Nintendo Switch is going to be a similar task to how you would install any game.

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You are going to want to head over to the Nintendo Eshop and search Fortnite within the store.

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Bundle! Who remembers this legendary bundle!

Once you click a few buttons your download will begin!


Of course, one of the major limitations that playing on the Switch Lite has compared to your standard console or PC, is the drastic FPS issues.

You will often find the game dipping to 30 FPS during certain scenarios, but the game is overall optimized well for on the go gameplay!

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