Ninja Battles Fortnite Event Announced! Prize Pool, Start Date, How To Enter, and More!

Fortnite players are no stranger to in-game competitions, Epic Games has been hosting the month long FNCS events since Season X.

Now, with the recent announcement of the next two FNCS events, along with the conclusion of the FNCS Invitational; we have something else to compete in.

Ninja is hosting a one of a kind event within Fortnite, and we'll get you up to speed with all the details you need to know!

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Let's take a look!


What Is It?

Reported first by Slasher, the Ninja Battles Fortnite event is a third party tournament going to playable within Fortnite soon.

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Slasher reported the event with the image going to be used for the event, and it appears the tournament is going to feature a hefty prize pool.

Ninja battles Fortnite
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GAME ON - Whose going to sign up for the event?

This is not the first third-party event hosted by a Fortnite creator as of late, as professional Fortnite players Benjyfishy held one this past week!


Prize Pool

As reported by Slasher, the Ninja Battles Fortnite event is going to feature a $400,000 USD prize pool!

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How the prize pool is going to be distributed is unknown as of now, but be sure to check back for more details down the line.

How To Enter

As of now, we do not know if regular players are going to be able to enter the Ninja Battles Fortnite event!

Start Date


The kick-off to the event is slated for May 28 as reported by and it will start at 3:00 pm EST.

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As well, the event has also been noted to run throughout the Summer with an end date of sometime in July 2020.

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SENSATIONAL - Ninja is the most popular streamer on the planet!


Pros? Content Creators?

There were some confirmed players for the Ninja Battles Fortnite event as reported by

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With the full roster set to be released in the coming days, below are the following confirmed players according to Newsweek.

  • Nick Eh 30
  • Bugha
  • Ewok
  • NateHill
  • Reverse2K

In total, there are going to be around 60 players across all major streaming platforms taking part in the event.

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