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Season 14

15 Sep 2020

Fortnite Season 4 Best Coastal Areas! - Dirty Docks, Lighthouse, Coral Cove and More!

Fortnite Season 4 Best Coastal Areas! - Dirty Docks,
Lighthouse, Coral Cove and More!

If you're looking for some new locations to visit, check out some of these waterside spots!

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Dirty Docks

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Coral Cove

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Craggy Cliffs

The new season of Fortnite has brought us a host of new gameplay and cosmetic changes.

This includes some major changes to the map! Here, we cover some of the best places to visit on the coast.

Dirty Docks

Dirty Docks is located on the Eastern side of the map.

Fortnite dirty docks coastal area 1

TO THE EDGE - You may have to glide quite far for this POI as its on the edge of the map!

This is a fairly popular location, so you may have to fend off a few more players if you want to win this landing spot.

The loot is well spread out throughout the majority of the location, but we recomend landing at the Warehouse to the East.

Here you'll find multiple chests and ground spawns, so you should be nicely prepared coming out of the location.

Head West from here, and you'll reach Frenzy Farm or go South for a fight at Retail Row.


The Lighthouse is situated in the North-West area of the map.

fortnite lighthouse area coastal 1

FROM THE NORTH - You'll have to travel to the top of the map for this location.

Not many players land at this location, so you may have to fight off just one other player.

This location can be fairly scarce when it comes to loot, so you'll want to be quick and effective to get the most out of the Lighthouse.

You can head South towards Pleasant Park once you've finished looting to finish off any players left here.

Coral Cove

Coral Cove is close to Lockie's Lighthouse in the North-West of the map.

fortnite coral cove coastal area 1

LOOT - Search this region for a fishing rod and catch some floppers!

This location can be found as an island, so you'll need to swim here or take a boat. However, we don't recommend landing here as there is little loot.

Coral Cove is great for rotations when moving out of Homely Hills or the Lighthouse.

Craggy Cliffs

Craggy Cliffs can be found to the North of the map, near Pristine Point and Mowdown.

fortnite coastal areas craggy cliffe 1

VEHICLES - Grab a boat and head out to sea for some easy rotation!

This is a very popular landing spot so be ready for a gunfight early on. For this reason you'll want to loot up fast!

We recomend landing to the South side of this POI, as this gives you easy rotation out if you end up with bad loot.

After you leave here, you can go to a few locations. By heading west you'll reach Pleasant Park, or head East to Steamy Stacks to glide into the zone.