Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: How To Get All Mythic Weapons - Iron Mans Gauntlets, Thor's Mjolnir Strike, Silver Surfer Board, Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb, Groot's Bramble Shield, and More!

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The brand new season of Fortnite has a brand new patch.

This patch has implemented some brand new Mythic Weapons as well.


Here's how to get them all!

Stark Industries Trailer

Iron Man's Gauntlets

Introduced during the V14.10 patch, this new item is incredible.

Players will be able to find the new Mythic Weapon at the Stark Industries POI.

Thor's Mjolnir Strike

Another interesting addition to the game is Thor's signature strike.


It is unknown as of now where players will be able to find this Mythic Weapon, but we will keep you updated!

Silver Surfer Board

Leaked by HYPEX, the Silver Surfer Board has the following description:

"Launch into the air and carve up the skies with Silver Surfer's Board. Reactivate to cancel early."

Silver Surfer 1

ALL RISE - This could become the coolest mode of transport

This Mythic Mobility item sounds interesting to say the least.


Players will be able to find it the board at Quinjet Patrol Landing Ships, where they will need to shoot the drones out of the air in order to have a shot at obtaining it!

Groot's Bramble Shield

The loveable wooden creature from Guardians of The Galaxy has their own weapon in the game as well.

SkinTrackerCom leaked this new shield before the season went live, and has this description:

"Be enveloped in Groot's embrace. Block incoming damage and heal nearby players. Reactivate to cancel early. I am Groot."

Groot 1

I AM GROOT - I am Groot


This shield is obviously a defensive item for the game.

Players will be able to find this shield randomly on the map via Quinjet Patrol Planes!

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Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb

The last mythic item added into the game for this season is Dr. Doom's Mystical Bomb.

This item was also leaked by SkinTrackerCom and has the following description:

"Conjure and throw a large ball of arcane energy that explodes on impact."

Mystic Bomb 1

V FOR VICTOR - Watch out for opponents possessing this grenade

This mythic weapon can be found at Doom's Domain which is where Pleasant Park was last season!

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What Can We Expect Next?

Well, it's almost a certainty that we'll see other mythic weapons, like Wolverine's claws and more, feature in the season.

We've seen some of She-Hulk and Iron Man's power on display in the trailer, so we imagine we'll be getting some interesting weapons based on their characters.

Fingers crossed we see Iron Man's awesome chest cannon!


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We'll be sure to keep you updated when they drop!