Fortnite Pleasant Park: POI Guide - Chest Spawns, Crash Pads, Loot and More!

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We are now in the third week of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, and we are having a blast thus far!

This season has implemented an ample amount of content for players and has revamped some aspects.


One change has been the map, as it has been flooded. However, Pleasant Park still stands.

Here's how to dominate Pleasant Park!

Where Is It?

The location of Pleasant Park has remained unchanged since the beginning of Chapter 2.

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With the removal of The Shark and Craggy Cliffs, you will be able to find Pleasant park on the northern side of the map.

It is one of the biggest POIs on the map, as it takes up a massive bulk of the map.

Map 2

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Chest Spawns

Using the Fortnite interactive map LootLake.Info, we are able to see where all of the chest spawns are located at.

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In total there are 23 chest spawns at Pleasant Park. They are mainly spread out over the houses and there is one atop each windmill.

Check out the locations of each of the chests on this map below.


LOOT! Check out all the loot here

Ziplines and Crash Pads

What differs Pleasant Park from other POIs this season is the array of mobility inside the POI.

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Not only are there windmills around the POI that are all connected with Ziplines.

Boats? Choppa?

Similar to most POIs this season, there are numerous boats located in and around Pleasant Park.


Unfortunately, there are no Choppa spawns at this POI.

So you will not be able to take off after you are done looting.

Subsiding Flood

At the start of Season 3, the flood was at its peak, with the majority of the map submerged by water.

However, as the season goes on the water level will drop.

This will change the way you rotate out of Pleasant Park, as well as how you navigate the POI itself.

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The addition of vehicles like cars and trucks will also make moving around these areas much faster!