Fortnite Chapter 2: Tips and Tricks Tutorial To Improve Your Gameplay On The New Map!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 or Season 11 is finally here! With a brand new map!

Players have been battling it out on the original map for 10 whole seasons now; meaning many will be looking for tips and tricks. It's also likely we'll see brand new crossovers, we're personally hoping to see the Joker become a theme to go nicely with the recent Batman collaboration and more unvaulted weapons.

There are plenty of exciting things to look forward to in Fortnite Season 11, including the next phase of the Fortnite Champion Series.

With literally thousnads of new players jumping in everyday you HAVE to keep ahead of the competition - here are some great tips and tricks to keep youat the top of your game, whether you're new or old to the battle royale.

Be Aware of The Zone

The zone in Fortnite is the closing circle that gets smaller and smaller every so often, this encourages players to move into the zone and if they don't they result in taking storm damage.

One of the best tips to offer to struggling players is to be aware of the zone, always get ahead whenever you can. Another good tip is to stay in the center of the zone as much as you can, as the next circle will typically lean somewhere towards the middle of the existing zone (but that's not always the case). If you're near the centre you are equidistant from every area of the map.

You should also be aware of the storm because you can use it to protect yourself, by keeping your back to the storm you can relax a little easier knowing you're not likely to get attacked.

However, it isn't a guarantee as players can always surprise you by popping out of the storm, when you least expect it; this can also work in your favor to grab easy kills and some sweet loot (especially if you know enemies are traveling from a particular area of the map and will struggle to make it out alive).

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Avoid Fights as Much as Possible

Since the name of the game is Fortnite Battle Royal, after all, the objective of the game is to survive no matter the route taken. At the end of the day, no-one is going to care if you get 0 eliminations or you get 20 eliminations, all that matters to you is getting that exclusive glider.

Don't take fights that you are NOT 100% certain you can win, for instance, if you see an enemy who is notably good at building and you know you will not be able to outbuild them, run away and move to zone or reposition to have as much of an advantage as possible.

You can also third-party on fights. Allow enemy players to fight it out, get low on health then you can swoop in and pick up the scraps.

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The Beginning of The Match is The Most Important part!

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This may come as a surprise to many people, but most people will suspect that the end game is the most important as it is essentially the final showdown between you and the final enemies. But, the opening sequence of any Fortnite match, the moment when you drop out of the battle bus is, in our eyes, far more important.

Picking a landing spot is crucial to any player. Are you confident enough to land at known hot drop spots such as Gotham City or Retail Row? Or, are you better off landing at the outskirts of the map in order to loot up and prepare better for the end game.

At the end of the game it comes down to you, but be aware, a good opening will for sure set you up better for securing the victory royal.


The bigger the POI, the better and more loot you will find. If you decide to drop at a smaller establishment, your loot is likely to be significantly worse and force you into fights in order to keep up with the competition.

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