Football Manager 2021 Gameplay: New Condition and Fatigue Features - Reveal, Changes, Tooltips & more

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One of the most important aspects of game day in Football Manager 2021 will be managing condition and fatigue.

Condition has been entirely reworked in Football Manager 2021, and fatigue is a new feature that has been added.

Fatigue was revealed in the Football Manager 2021 first look stream, which ran on 5 November.

Let's dive into what these features add to the series.


Football Manager 2021 Condition

Condition is a vital aspect of match day in the Football Manager series, and in Football Manager 2021, its been given a new tooltip.

Football Manager 21 Fatigue
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STATUS: FM 21 gives managers great insight into their player's condition levels

This tooltip puts all of the most relevant information in one place, and is very easy to read.

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The tooltip includes Overall Risk of Injury, Match Load, Training Load, Injury Susceptibility, and Fatigue.

This will give managers context to their players history as well as their performance on the pitch in any given match.

Football Manager 2021 Fatigue

Fatigue is a brand new aspect of condition in Football Manager 2021, and a brand new feature in the game.


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The new system will let managers see when players are growing worse due to their fatigue levels, beyond just injury risks.

football manager 20 deulofeu match sharpness
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OUT WITH THE OLD: Match sharpness and condition have been entirely reworked in FM 21

Instead of percentages that show how players are doing on condition and match shape, these now feature a descriptive system. This means instead of an exact reading, you'll have to read between the lines of categories like excellent and great.

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You'll have to read between the lines of readings like "Excellent" and "Great" to find where your player lands on these variables, and adjust accordingly.