Football Manager 2023: Match day experience set for MAJOR improvements in this year's game

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Whilst it may only feel like Football Manager 2022 has just arrived, you can be certain that Football Manager 2023 is just around the corner.

Last year, we spoke to FM Developers Nic Madden and CJ Ramson about the vast improvements made to the matchday experience in FM22.

Now - a few months removed - we can predict another major round of improvements to the matchday engine in FM23.

FM23 Matchday Improvements

Football Manager 2023 promises to take the immersion to the next level, building on the great work already implemented in FM22.

With gameplay improvements and the overall feel of the game stepping up massively in FM22, we are predicting that things are only heading one way.

Looking back to our interview with CJ Ramson and Nic Madden of the FM Developer team, we can get a good idea of what may be coming in future instalments.

Pushing The Boundaries

When we spoke to Nic Madden and CJ Ramson regarding Football Manager 2023 and onwards, they were quick to reassure fans that things are only set to get better.

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LOOKING FRESH - FM22's new UI makes information easier to digest

Nic: "There's so much improvement that we can still make. We have a development roadmap that we go towards. We're really trying to push the boundaries but this is also the foundation for the future. I would love to push as much as we can to work towards our vision of really making the simulation look and feel authentic. That's what drives us."

CJ: "I feel we've made massive steps in the last two or three years implementing the tactical instructions into the match engine and how it feels and how it plays out, but there's further we can go with that and even more depth we can bring to the tactical side. I think it's in a really good place but I think there's even further we can develop in the future."

Clearly - whilst FM has made huge strides in the last few years - there is still scope for further improvement, so what could that look like?

FM23 New Matchday Features

As Nic touched on in the interview, there's a good chance we will see further improvements made to the overall authenticity of FM's matchday experience.

With further improvements to player animation likely, we could well see Football Manager 2023 boast the most realistic looking 3D sim to date.

Similarly on the tactical side, we could see a deeper implementation of tactical styles in Football Manager 2023, one thing the simulator does better than any other football game.


With tactical styles ever-changing in the world of football, FM strives to stay with the times and best reflect the current landscape.

With that in mind - and the idea of a formation becoming increasingly sparse in real-world football - we could well see Football Manager 2023 implement a system with no clear formation, focussing more on the shape and tactical fluidity.

Whilst we may not know for sure what's coming in FM23, we're certain that this passionate team is not yet finished when it comes to making FM the very best it can be.

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