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Football Manager 2023 Mobile: Headline Features ANNOUNCED

Football Manager 2023 Mobile Headlines

Football Manager 2023 is just around the corner, with headline features now announced for the Mobile version of the game.

FM23 Mobile brings the power of football management to the palm of your hands, and we now know what new features will be arriving.

FM23 Mobile Headline Features Revealed

Sports Interactive has finally announced the brand new headline features arriving in Football Manager 2023 Mobile.

From re-vamped team talks to a new development hub, FM on mobile is about to go to the next level.

Development Hub

One of the most exciting new features coming to Football Manager 2023 Mobile is the brand-new development hub, a feature that will make youth development all the more exciting.

Football Manager 2023 Mobile New Features
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THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT - Youth development will be better than ever in FM23

You can now decide whether to bring players into your academy in the re-designed youth intake page, helping them throughout their career through loans, first-team experience or simply by receiving important feedback from your staff.

Team Talks

Team Talks have finally been implemented in Football Manager 2023 mobile, placing emphasis on the importance of these pre-match conversations.

Whether you're berating your side after a thrashing or praising them after a big win, your team talks will have a massive influence on team morale.

Manager Focus

Board confidence has been re-vamped in this year's game, giving you more feedback on the security of your job.

Personality traits have also been introduced, with these small notes evolving alongside your career.

You can also add your own photo to your manager profile page.

Other Notable Changes

Mobile fans will be pleased to hear that the UEFA Competition licenses will be arriving on handheld devices, giving you an authentic experience across the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League.

FM23 Mobile UEFA Champions League
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THE CHAMPIOOOONNNSSSS - Official licenses are coming to FM Mobile

Recruitment has also been improved, with reworked transfer and loan negotiations giving you clearer feedback on your transfer bids, while other clubs will behave more realistically in their dealings with you.

Contract negotiations have also been altered, with your player's long-term ambitions now proving more important.

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