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Football Manager 2023: Companion App concept could REVOLUTIONISE this year's game

Football Manager 2023 is almost here, with brand new features announced for this year's game.

One such feature that has divided opinion is the Squad Planner, with those die-hard FM fans with notepads filled with targets claiming they've already been doing what the feature does for years.

However, the guys over at the 5* Potential Podcast may have just come up with the idea that could please all parties.

FM23 Companion App

Games like FIFA 23 have a companion app for Ultimate Team and we think it's about time Football Manager branched out to these same reaches.

As conceptualised by the guys at the 5* Potential Podcast, a companion app that allows you to plan your squad on the move could be a great way to get more players involved.

Scouting could also be done on the move, with the app allowing you to transfer data between devices to make sure your work on the move doesn't go to waste.

Fans have been asking for a feature like this for some time, with the arrival of the Squad Planner opening a genuine possibility and use for an FM companion app.

Sports Interactive has shown no signs of slowing down in recent years, with FM set to debut on the PS5 for the very first time.

This expansion could be furthered with the arrival of a companion app, saving FM players paper and ink and instead allowing them to develop their squad on the move.

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What is the new Squad Planner?

The Squad Planner will allow players to rank members of their squad to help visualize strengths and weaknesses, but it also includes players on your shortlist.

FM 23 squad planner
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This offers a new resource where players can plan the immediate future of their club across short-term recruitment as well as current lineups.

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