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Football Manager 2023 LIVE UPDATES - release date, time and more

Football Manager 2023 Erling Haaland silheoutte

The wait is almost over, with Football Manager 2023 set to release in the coming days.

Whether you're a PC, Xbox or Mobile player, there's a mere matter of days left before you can start on your next managerial adventure.

We also have an update on the PS5 release date, with a recent delay announced.

Football Manager 2023 COUNTDOWN

Football Manager 2023 will release on November 8, bringing managerial thrills and spills to your fingertips.

Across PC, Xbox and Mobile, FM23 promises to bring a whole new level of immersion to the managerial rollercoaster.

PS5 players will have to wait a little longer, with a recent delay announced for this edition of the game.

Football Manager 2023 Review

To get you in the mood ahead of FM23's release, we've got our full review to feast your eyes on.

Whilst FM23 isn't perfect, it certainly remains a treat for football fans and one that is continually improving year-on-year.

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FM23 PS5 Release Date Delayed

Sports Interactive has confirmed that they have made the difficult decision of delaying the scheduled release date for Football Manager 2023 on PS5.

Football Manager 2023 PS5
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BITTER BLOW - FM23 on the PS5 has been delayed

In a statement, Football Manager boss Miles Jacobson said the following:

"We're devastated by this outcome, which we have worked tirelessly with our partners for a number of weeks to try to address. It was especially difficult to make the decision to delay, as it involves holding back a great game which a number of talented people within SI have worked tremendously hard on for quite some time. We will continue to do everything in our power to get this game into the hands of PS5 gamers as soon as we can."

Sports Interactive has confirmed the decision has been made due to unforeseen complications which have arisen during the submissions and approvals process.

Football Manager 2023 on the PS5 now does not have an official release date.

FM23 Price

Football Manager 2023's price for the PC has been confirmed, with the full game retailing at £44.99.

Those who pre-purchase the game can currently receive a substantial discount, taking that price to £36.00.

No prices have yet been confirmed for the Xbox or PS5 versions of the game, but we would expect it to retail around the £45 price mark.

We expect the Mobile version to cost £8.99 / $8.99.

Football Manager 2023 New Features

The Football Manager series is coming off of massive highs after the beloved FM 22, and heading toward FM23, Sports Interactive has released a breakdown of new gameplay features.

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