Football Manager 2022 Xbox is the game Touch fans have been craving

Football Manager 2022 Xbox is less than a month away, and we finally have some new features revealed for this year's console version.

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Here's everything you need to know about the new features coming to FM22 Xbox.

FM22 Xbox


Offering a more streamlined experience to the standard version of the game, FM22 Xbox will be moulded in the same ilk of FM Touch.

SI has finally revealed some new features coming to this year's console version and we've got a full breakdown for you here.

Data Hub

The Data Hub has been confirmed as a brand new feature coming to FM22 Xbox.

Offering a designated space for facts and stats, the Data Hub gives you a comprehensive insight into your team's performance on and off the pitch.

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STATS DON'T LIE - The Data Hub will inform your tactical choices in FM22

Pass maps and momentum graphs will both be viewable in this year's console version, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding player training and team selection.

Much like the standard release of the game, you will also be able to request specific statistics from your data analysts, placing an important emphasis on utilising your backroom staff.


Improved Interface

FM22 Xbox will bring a much improved and enhanced UI, utilising the Xbox controller to make menus and information screens easier to navigate.

Wholesale changes have been made across the UI, with tables, graphs, and charts all becoming easier to navigate thanks to an enhanced use of the Xbox controller.

Sound effects have also been added throughout, making FM22 Xbox an all-round more aesthetically pleasing experience.

Enhanced Match Experience

A number of improvements and upgrades have also been made to the match engine, relaying the same emphasis on authenticity that has been showcased in the standard version of the game.

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WORK IT OUT - Enhanced UI and tactics will make FM22 a more immersive experience

From an improved animation system to an enhanced AI, FM22 Xbox will carry many of the main headline additions that have been made to the full version of the game.

The new wide centre-back role will also be coming to the game, offering players full autonomy when it comes to selecting their teams and creating new tactics.


Key Interactions

Football Manager 2022 across all platforms has placed a key emphasis on bringing authenticity to game, and that will remain true when it comes to FM22 Xbox.

From more interactions with backroom staff - who will be far more helpful this year - to an enhanced pre-match planning experience, FM22 Xbox promises to be the most immersive instalment of the franchise to date.

A brand new features 'News Effects' has also been added to the game, with each action and question answered being scrutinised by fans, players, and staff.

FM22 Xbox Edition release date

FM22 Xbox Edition will be available with Xbox Game Pass from Day One when both titles launch on November 9.

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