Football Manager 2022 New Features: Gegenpress will no longer be a "hack" in this year's game

Football Manager 2022 is less than a month away, with the Beta set to arrive next week.

As the anticipation builds towards the game's full release, the team at SI have been revealing new features daily, as well as showcasing some of the brand new headline features in a recent live stream.

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Here's everything we noticed in the gameplay showcase.

FM22 Gameplay Showcase

SI 'gaffer' Miles Jacobson was joined by Dom and Tom as the trio showcased some of the brand new features coming to the game.


In the first FM22 gameplay ever to be shown live, we got a great insight into what will be arriving on our screens on Tuesday, 9 November.


Match Engine

The first - and one of the most important - things to highlight from the gameplay showcase was just how impressive the new match engine looks.

Not only have graphics improved from last year, but the introduction of a brand new animation engine allows the games to feel more authentic and flow more naturally.

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NEW ENGINE - Matches in FM22 will flow more naturally

From set-pieces to general match play, players move seamlessly across the pitch and make more intelligent decisions when releasing the ball.

Overall, Football Manager 2022's match engine looks to be the best yet, bringing an exciting and authentic match day experience to fans of the game.


Skins and Displays

Football Manager 2022's new UI is slick and easy on the eye.

From in-match displays to the new press-conference layouts, FM22 could be the most aesthetically appealing Football Manager instalment to date.

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EASY ON THE EYE - FM22 will make it easier to track facts and figures

Whilst being easy on the eye is a big positive, the general statistical and tactical layout makes information easy to digest and follow.

Whereas in previous incarnations the numbers became overwhelming, Football Manager 2022 looks to have simplified this approach, and we're all grateful for it.



Some brand new tactical changes were also showcased, with the new wide centre-back role being used by Dom and Tom as co-managers of Sheffield United.

The new gegenpressing system was also on show, with players possessing low stamina statistics showing signs of flagging from the 60th minute onwards.

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THE SPECIAL ONE - FM22's new tactical innovations will give players more options than ever before

Whilst this year's tactical innovations may be small, it's clear that FM22 players will have more choices than ever when it comes to setting up their teams.


New Interactions

This may be a small inclusion in this year's game, but it is sure to keep things fresh and exciting in Football Manager 2022.

From team talks to press conferences, tons of new dialogue streams have been added, making sure that no interaction feels the same.

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TALK SHOP - Interactions in FM22 will feel more natural and less formulaic

FM22 players will also get the chance to converse with agents before approaching a player, discussing availability and player interest. However, as explained on the showcase, if you approach an agent and fail to follow up with a concrete bid, your relationship with that agent will be hindered.


Long-term Rewards

Dynamism is something that has felt somewhat missing from Football Manager in past years, with seasons passing by without feeling special or different.

That's all changed in Football Manager 2022 with dynamic rivalries and dynamic youth development being added into the game.

For players that love a long-term project, you will notice many changes as the years pass by. From youth development changing in accordance with international rankings to developing rivalries with clubs you bad-mouth in a presser, FM22 promises to ebb and flow just like real life.

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LOOKING SHARP - FM22's customisation options will keep your gaffer looking fresh

All of these brand new features serve to enhance FM22's sense of immersion, with the new game promising to maintain the drama throughout the season (and beyond).

We were mightily impressed with everything on show, and we can't wait to sink our teeth into the new game when it officially launches on Tuesday, 9 November.

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