Football Manager 2021: Match Ratings more accurate than ever before thanks to improved statistics

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Getting your match rating right can be hard, as it largely comes down to opinion.

But on FM 21, you'll get a more precise post-match breakdown than ever before.

Match Ratings Rewritten


In another post that has been published over on the brand-new FMFC, the Sports Interactive team have gone over the key changes they have made to the Match Ratings format.

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"Match Ratings have been completely rewritten and redefined" is the way in which they have described the changes to the post-match scoring system, but how exactly have they done this?

Role Dependant Ratings

Whilst the post match ratings in FM in previous years have been good, they failed in one key area.

Players in a certain area of the pitch - ie midfielders - were all ranked based on the same criteria, regardless of position.

FM20 Ratings
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+ 2
NEW LOOK! The old system will be revitalised in FM 21!

That changes in FM21. The new Player Rating system will judge players based on what you are asking of them, so no longer will your CDM be scored down for failing to score a hat trick!


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This means your ratings will be far more accurate than ever before, which will undoubtedly help when making your team selection game by game.

Goalkeepers Judgement Improved

Sports Interactive have made no secret of the fact that they have struggled to rate goalkeepers in the past.

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However on FM 21, keepers will have an even closer eye on them.

FM Goalkeeper Rating min 2
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GK REVAMPED! Ratings seemed a bit suspect in FM 20!

Thanks to the new additions to the analysis department, in FM 21, each and every save made by your keeper will be rated precisely by taking into account position, shot speed and reaction time.


This will help to define the difference between a good save and a great save in order to help in trying to rate your goalkeeper as fairly as humanly possible.

No more overly harsh goalkeeper ratings!

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