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24 Nov 2020

Football Manager 2021: Fix Stutter and Lag, FPS Fix & more!

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Fixes for stutter and lag

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Other Fixes

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Other Optimisations

The latest Football Manager title contains a number of exciting new features.

One of these is a new detailed 3D aspect of match day, which obviously makes the game more difficult to run.

Unfortunately, some players have been experiencing frame drops and stuttering.

Let's take a look at how you can fix this issue!

Fixes for stutter and lag

One of the first things to check should be whether or not your system meets the minimum requirements.

Football Manager Fansss min
FANS: You can turn fans off to reduce the games load on your system

With previous titles being far easier to run, you may have overlooked this going into FM 21.

If your system is up to spec, try dropping the graphics quality.

This applies to the overall graphics quality as well as the pitch and crowd quality.

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If this still doesn't help, try lowering your overall resolution (if on a 1920x1080 monitor, drop to 1280x720).

Other Fixes

One of these should have helped with the game's smoothness by now, but if not, there are some more fixes you can try.

Football Manager 2021 Press Conference
3D RENDERING: You can turn 3D elements off

Firstly, check your drivers are up to date, this goes for both AMD and Nvidia based systems.

Make sure as many background applications as possible are disabled, freeing up your system's RAM.

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Similarly, you can even dial back your game's settings to remove the increased 3D rendering.

Other Optimisations

Finally, here are some further optimisations you can try on your system.

football manager 2020 bundesliga transfers
DEPTH: The game is more realistic than ever before

A simple restart can always help, so try restarting both the game and your system.

In-game, disable triple-buffering, which should relieve some load from your PC.

Enable threaded optimisation and limit the FPS in the game's settings.

Our final recommendation is to install the game on an SSD, which will also help with boot times.

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