Football Manager 2021 First Look: Gestures allow you to be more animated than ever before

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We're edging ever closer to the full release of Football Manager 2021 and Sports Interactive have treated us to a first look at the new title.

Miles Jacobson & co have been streaming over on Twitch to give avid players an inside look at the development of the footballing sim.

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We've had some news on your changing room antics. Here is what we know.


Gestures to replace Tones

There is a new feature coming to your team talks, and it goes by the name of gestures.

Currently, you can use tones to select the tone of voice you wish to use when addressing your team pre-match, at half-time or post-match.

In FM 20, there were six tones you could choose from when conducting these team talks. In FM 21, there will be a lot more.

"More than 30 Gestures"

During the Twitch stream, Miles Jacobson was quick to point out that these gestures aren't just there to replace the tone system.

"There were six tones in the game. There are more than 30 gestures.

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You get shown gestures that are in context in the right situation, there's a lot more of them."

Gestures FM 21
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The likes of pump fists, point finger and hands on hips all feature, so no matter the scenario, there will be a gesture for you.

Confirmed Gestures

We only got a sneak preview of what's to come in the stream, but here is what we know will feature based on the footage we've seen.

  • Thrash Arms
  • Point Finger
  • Hands Together
  • Hands in Pocket
  • Hands on Hips
  • Pump Fists
  • Outstretched Arms