Football Manager 2021: Brand New Features - Recommend Roles, Combined Goal & Assist Bonuses, Affiliate Clubs & more

Football Manager's official Twitter account has unveiled some brand new features coming to the game!

From Assistant to Analyst

You now have far more role options to recommend when talking to your player about joining the backroom.

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BEST MAN FOR THE JOB: Recommend future roles t your players based on attributes

You can choose to recommend different specific roles based on players' attributes and qualities.

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The recommendations you can make to your players include managerial, coaching, scouting, medical, director, sports science and analysis roles.

Combined goal and assist bonuses

You can now include combined goals and assist bonuses in players' contracts.

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INCENTIVE: Use combined goal and assist bonuses to incentivise your players

These bonuses can encourage players to sign with your club, or can convince current important players to extend their contracts.

You can choose to add anywhere from 5 to 30 combined goals and assists as a bonus during a player's contract negotiations.

A style named after you

If your unique brand of football catches the media's eye they'll give it a name to use in the press!

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CATCH THE EYE: The media can now name your own unique style of football

We've all heard of Sarri-Ball, and more recently Bielsa-Ball, but how about having your own brand of football recognised?

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It will be a proud moment for any Football Manager when the press name your unique and effective style of football.

Planning for the future

You can now promise a player they'll become a regular starter once the man in front of him leaves.

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YOUNG GUNS: Keep hold of your talented youngsters by promising them future game-time

You can select the first team player, who is on his way out of the club, who will be replaced by the youngster.

This allows you to keep hold of your promising young talented players, by reassuring them with first-team football in the near future.

Affiliate clubs

If your club vision demands you to sign players from a certain nation, you can now request an affiliate club that helps you do just that.

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PLEASE THE BOARD: Use affiliate clubs in order to stay aligned with the club's vision

This means you can please the board by achieving the objectives which have been set.

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With affiliate clubs so prevalent in today's game, it seems right to have introduced them to FM2021.

Goal alerts

Football Manager has revamped the in-game goal alert, inspired by a TV broadcast-style.

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GOLAZO! New realistic goal alerts featured in FM2021

The alerts will now feature player's milestones, for example a player's 15th goal of the season.

This new feature brings more realism to the game, and allows players to become immersed during a match.

Better backroom advice

Your staff will notify you in advance if your squad is too big and in breach of competition squad rules.

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TEAMWORK: Listen to your backroom staff for advice

This can save you from receiving a poor reputation as a manager in the press.

Backroom staff are now becoming more important and helpful than ever!

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