FM21 Beta COUNTDOWN: Release Date Confirmed, Download, Platforms & more

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It's almost time to put on your suit (or tracksuit) and take to the dugout (or your living room).

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Football Manager 2021 arrives in the coming weeks, but it looks as if the Beta will be available very, very soon.

Latest News - Beta date confirmed

After some confusion after an Instagram ad had gone live on Monday, 9 November stating the Beta had gone live, Sports Interactive have now cleared things up.

FM21 beta update sports interactive
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FALSE START - The Beta arrives TONIGHT

"We're working flat out to get the Beta live tonight" so expect the Football Manager twitter to follow up when it goes live this evening.

Release Date

As per the above, the release date for the FM21 Beta looks to be on Tuesday, 11 November 2020.

FM 21 min 2
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The full game will be launched on Tuesday, November 24, with the Beta "available around two weeks" beforehand.


The Beta version of FM 21 will be available to anybody who pre-orders the full version of the game via the official FM store.

Fm Touch
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FM TOUCH! FM Touch will be released on November 24

It will be available on PC, with no limit put in place as to how many hours you can spend on the Beta prior to the games full release.

How to Access


Accessing the Beta is simple.

Those who have pre-purchased the game via the FM store will have been emailed an activation code to load the game into their Steam library.

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Once the Beta is launched, you will be able to access it by heading into the game through your pre-purchased Steam copy.

Game Modes

All the game modes that will feature in the full version of the game should be available in the Beta.

FM 21 recruitment meetings
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RECRUITMENT MEETINGS! New meetings are one of many new features in FM 21!

The likes of Network Games and the Fantasy Draft are expected to feature on the Beta, so you can get stuck right in!

They may be removed at any time should any issues be encountered.

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