Football Manager 2020: Release date announced!

After much speculation and questions Sports Interactive, the developers of the iconic Football Manager franchise, have finally announced the release date of the next instalment, Football Manager 20.

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FM20 release date


Football Manager 20 will drop on Steam on 19 November.

FM20 Touch and FM 20 Mobile will be released on the same date. With Nintendo Switch & Google Stadia release dates still to come.

This ends months of speculation after Sports Interactive dropped a trailer that said it would be coming in November.

We had hoped it would follow previous versions and be released at the start of the month, but it seems Sports Interactive have gone with the motto of "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and will make fans wait a few extra weeks to get their hands on this years version.

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New features

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There are a raft of new features this year that will provide even more immersion for the seasoned manager while helping new players also get to grips with the challenge of running a professional football club.


This includes a Club Vision to work toward that is negotiated between you and the board when you take up the job, as well as a Code of Conduct that you expect your players to adhere to. Being too strict might upset star players, but making exceptions could cause a dressing room revolt. SI have also put an emphasis on youth development, with Playing Time Pathways available for you when it comes to managing the expectations of young players and ensuring they develop properly.

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Backroom staff improvements

Perhaps the biggest improvement for FM20 will be the level of feedback and input you get from your backroom staff. They will provide tactical feedback, squad scouting and information, as well as giving you matchday squad advice and pre-match ideas. All this will make hiring the right staff just as important as signing good players, as the wrong advice at the wrong time could scupper your season.